Rail Division

CAFGA Rail Division is a dedicated division within CAFG Australease set up to provide professional and expert service to the rail industry in Australia. It offers a comprehensive range of finance products to support the purchase and sale of assets of all types used in the expanding rail sector in Australia.

Our funding facilities extend to locomotives and rolling stock, manufacturing equipment, maintenance plant and equipment, rail construction equipment and engineering design tools, communications equipment and computers used in the industry.

Rail Division has the funding capacity to finance assets ranging from back office computer systems and design tools costing $50,000 or less up to multiple locomotive or wagon purchases of $50 million and more.

Rail Division offers Operating Lease, Equipment Term Rental, Finance Lease and Asset Purchase (CHP) finance.

Each of our financing products provides the benefit of spreading capital costs over an extended period, balancing the cash outflows and revenue flows generated by the assets being used. It gives you control over cash flow, conserves valuable bank borrowing facilities or lines of credit.

Further details appear under Products and Services.

For more information about our range of support for the rail sector, see Project Catalogue and click on Rail Division.

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