CAFGA Solar Power Finance

CAFGA has developed considerable experience and expertise in financing commercial, industrial and utility scale solar energy projects.

We recognise that solar power has already become a mainstream energy supply in Australia. In a vast country with optimal solar irradiation such as ours, an increasingly decentralised electricity grid through the generation of on-site solar power has immediate advantages over long distance energy distribution through poles and wires.

Versatile Solar Finance Solutions
CAFGA’s Rental option can avoid capital expenditure issues, and can be structured over 5, 7 or 10 year terms depending on client eligibility. We have no upper limit on funding.

We work closely and confidentially with clients, including those of leading commercial photo-voltaic installers, to develop optimal returns on investment.

CAFGA gears finance solutions towards the best cash flow analysis possible. We apply, for example, considerable flexibility on finance lease residuals to ensure monthly power savings are attractively matched against monthly operational costs.
Our clients gain the further competitive advantage of effectively fixing a large amount of their energy costs, thus proportionally avoiding future escalations in electricity prices.

Industry Knowledge

Through our ongoing collaboration with national solar power brokers Solar Choice, we have grown to understand the industry’s needs for versatile and solutions orientated finance.

CAFGA also finance potential additional expenses that are specific to commercial solar power. These extras can include grid connection (eg. transformers, cubicles), roof strengthening, or the increasing adoption of efficient storage solutions for storing surplus power for later use.

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