Partnering Supplies

CAFG Australease Pty Ltd frequently forms partnerships with equipment and technology suppliers to enhance the sales process for partners.

By combining our resources and expertise with that of suppliers, we provide a competitive and convenient total system outcome for the customer. We also provide marketing, financial engineering and operational support to the supplier's sales team

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Benefits of Partnering

  • Involvement at the beginning of the sales cycle provides a value-added service to the supplier and customer.
  • Customers identify positively with a supplier that provides a total service hand-in-hand with requisite technology or equipment.
  • Our service allows the customer to free capital and invest it for maximum benefit.
  • It is statistically proven that customers are less likely to defer a sale when a finance option is made available.
  • We provide a platform for upgrading and maximising a 'return business strategy'.
  • The customer can easily negotiate flexible terms and conditions.
  • As partners we satisfy the 'purchase' requirements of the customer. Financing options are immediately made available for the supplier and the customer.

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