CAFG Australease Pty Ltd originated as part of the Associated Finance Group Ltd, which was established in 1977.

Over time CAFG Australease Pty Ltd has recognised the need to attract top industry professionals to effectively implement the Group's growing strategic focus on technology based industries, and manage the business for long-term account retention.

The funds management and origination role of CAFG Australease was conceived in 1993, and since that time the demand for specialist non-Bank leasing services has been reflected in consistently strong annual receivables growth. CAFG Australease's success can be attributed to the fundamental principles of sourcing top credit risks based on:

  • A clear focus on the Group's target markets.
  • A high level of executive involvement in all decision making and process reviews.
  • A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the Group's customers.
  • All divisional management teams are responsible for process in their own areas.

Today CAFG Australease Pty Ltd enjoys the trust and confidence of a broad cross section of Australian industries as evidenced by our project catalogue.

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